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It would be nice to have some additional options for sharing files. We like to send the coaches and parents a single files that has several of the PDF reports combined. To do this, I email each report to myself and then share from the mail app to another app to merge PDFs (I use PDF expert) and then email the merged reports.

Is there way to share the files besides email? It would be great if the current options for sharing the reports could be expanded beyond mail and print to include other apps.

Airshare for the reports and database would be nice too to get the report to the coaches in gyms where the wireless/cellular is poor. (We keep the stats in the stands.)
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Same I've to email and all reports on a google drive. If we support google drive or Dropbox within the app we can just share on there.

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A lot would depend on what the apps support for input format. We could probably change it so that if the app handles PDF it would be a possible destination. We will add this to our todo list for at least that step.
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