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As I've mentioned here previously, I use two or three different stats apps.  We use iScout for our Varsity boys because of its seamless sync to Sport Ngin (and therefore, WisSports).  But, I use the MaxxStats app from MaxPreps for our JV team.  WisSports doesn't maintain JV stats, but MaxPreps does.  So, I continue to use that app.  It syncs directly to MaxPreps.  I also use a simple app called Ballers with my son's middle school team.  No website to worry about, so it is simple and easy to use.

OK, my one remaining issue with iScout (I really like pretty much everything else about it) is the awkward nature of looking at team or individual stats during the game.  I have to open the  window in the upper right corner, then change between teams, then close that window and return to the game to continue entering stats.  

MaxxStats has a simple button on the main screen for each team.  I can easily open a small pop-up window showing me a summary of key stats, and can even look at individual stats.  All the while, I'm still on the main screen and can quickly get back to entering stats live during the game action.  

This is a function I would love to see in iScout at some point in the future.


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This already exists - please see this link:
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